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Prospective authors are encouraged to review the journal's submission guidelines and submit their abstracts, which should not exceed 250 words and include a tentative title, via the provided abstract submission system. here


Open Access: 

Readers across the globe will be able to access, share, and download this issue entirely for free. If author requests to receive the hard copy of the journal, it will be a processing fee charged from authors to cover publishing costs. We defend that authors should not have to personally pay this fee and encourage them to check with their institutions if funds are available to cover publication costs.

Further information about the journal's print version charges can be found here.

"Urbanizm" journal calls for papers for its upcoming issue on urban planning and sustainable development, aiming to deepen understanding across various dimensions of urbanization.

Researchers are encouraged to explore the causes and consequences of urban planning issues, analyzing their impacts on urban populations. Additionally, they should assess the effectiveness of legislative and policy measures, such as social housing initiatives and environmental laws, in promoting sustainable urban development.

Case studies on specific urban development projects are welcome, focusing on issues like gentrification and displacement and assessing their impact on local communities. The issue also seeks to highlight sustainable urban planning practices, including passive energy solutions and smart technology integration.

Environmental legislation's role in shaping urban development is a crucial aspect to explore, alongside the preservation of cultural heritage in modern urban planning.

Given the urgency of climate change, the issue seeks research on urban adaptation strategies and resilience in the face of environmental challenges. Public safety and security concerns in urban environments and the relationship between transport infrastructure, regional economies, and urban development trajectories are also areas of interest.

This issue aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of urban planning and sustainable development, fostering interdisciplinary research.

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